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I started streaming about two years ago playing games like PUBG, Dark Souls, Celeste, and Getting Over it. A while before my streaming career, I took an interest in electronics, but I didn't have much experience. One day, about eight years ago, while browsing Reddit I came across a portable Nintendo 64, and I was so inspired that I set off to make my own! I found a YouTube video guide, figured out what tools were needed, and I went for it. It took three months and three Nintendo 64's, but I finally pulled it off!


After a year of streaming games on Twitch, I decided to do a stream about my portable N64. The stream was such a success I did a couple more while thinking about what I could make next. I was excited folks took an interest, and thought this might be the new direction for my stream! From there, I found this guide on Parts Not Included on how to make a DIY stream deck. It was the perfect introduction to the Arduino world. After completing it, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a Twitch chat controlled robot?? After some research, it looked like an ESP 8266 was the best microcontroller for the job, but I had a hard time figuring out how to code it. Luckily, someone shared a link to this project from TheOtherLoneStar, and it worked perfectly! This code was and is the basis for a lot of my projects, and it was used to create my first Twitch controlled project, the Sub Bubble!


After the Sub Bubble was created I completely stopped streaming games and moved to the Science and Technology category on Twitch. I'm so thankful to the folks in the noycebru community who have shared there codings skills, ideas, and advice to make these noyceventions a possibility. My stream wouldn't be what it is today without their efforts, a big shout out to the Bru Crew!!!


My long term goal is to become a full-time creator and continue to make and invent new things. It is truly my passion, and I love doing it. Thank you for helping make it a reality by checking out my projects!    






My skills

  • Console and controller modding
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D modeling
  • Ultimaker CURA
  • Creality Ender 3 
  • Hakko Soldering
  • Arduino microcontrollers
  • Nodemcu ESP8266
  • Various motor types: stepper, DC, and servo
  • C/C++ 
  • Twitch API for IRC and WebSockets